An internship experience from one of the Girl Power Up participants

This happened so fast, I had just finished the first year of my high school. In summer break I was able to be part of a company which I think was a great opportunity because it really motivates me for my future career. I really didn’t know for sure what I was going to choose as a career path at that time, but now I’m so sure about it. I will become a programmer, a really good one I hope!

I enjoyed being part of Sogody. They all work so hard together to make everything possible for their clients.

The energy and positivity of Sogody were shown every day from the start until the end of the working hours. Sogody is a very helpful company and having had the opportunity to be part of it for even only one month, was great. The projects that they work on every day are not easy, but they as a team always succeed, which is really fantastic.

Sogody helped me so much and they taught me so many things. I’m so thankful to them for being so nice and patient, which really helped me. They taught me to always keep working hard.

Rinesa Krasniqi