Girl Power Up

Girl Power Up is a training program for grade 9-11 adolescent schoolgirls from rural areas. It aims to boost their self-confidence and resilience from societal pressures, as well as close the skill gap that is preventing them from maximizing their opportunities in the labor market, and society in general. This project is implemented by TOKA, in cooperation with Sogody and with the support of the Millenium Foundation Kosovo.

During the project, participants are trained on four topics in order to enhance personal and professional development:
– Self-esteem and personal development
– Critical thinking, problem solving and managing pressure from society
– Career orientation and talent discovery
– Business communication

The program

Module 1: Personal Development and Confidence Building
Before the training, the girls will complete the attitudes survey and soft skills test, which will serve as a baseline to measure progress by the end of the training. Girls will also learn about themselves and each other through personal development activities; will gain confidence through leadership activities.
Module 2: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Managing Social Pressures
Girls will develop problem solving skills through creative and critical thinking activities. In this module, they will be particularly encouraged to reflect on how traditional social norms in their immediate surroundings, and wider society, are affecting their level of ambition and success. They will be trained on how to self-manage better, thus increasing their resilience against such pressures.
Module 3: Talent Seeking and Career Orientation
Through a mixture of personality tests, other self-discovery activities and guest speakers, girls will explore and practice their talents. In the end, they will have a clearer idea what are their strengths and assets, and which corresponding career paths are best suited to them.
Module 4: Business Communication
Girls will learn how to write a CV, motivation letter, how to behave in an interview, how to present etc. In the end, they will be supported through an internship application process.
Module 5: Internship placements for select candidates
The girls that have demonstrated the most motivation, progress and achievement through the program will complete an internship in organizations from all sectors, which have been secured by TOKA and its partners. Kosovo Manufacturer’s Club will support TOKA’s connection with the private sector.